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If you have general questions about how keyloggers work or which keylogger is right for you, the most common questions are answered in these two pages:

Providing a few details will allow us to get to the solution much more quickly. Please tell us:

  1. Your Name: This is the easiest way for us to look up your order (if you have already purchased the product). The Order Number is also very helpful if you have it.
  2. The Specific Product you have a question about. Which exact model? - knowing which one you have or are interested in will allow us to answer specifically for that product.
  3. If you are requesting technical help, please describe the problem in some detail. Just telling us "it doesn't work" isn't very helpful.  Please tell us exactly what isn't working: i.e. Keyboard stops responding, keylogger won't go into flash drive mode, Keylogger doesn't record properly, etc...
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