KeyLlama Micro WiFi Cable Keylogger

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Keyllama Micro Wifi Keylogger

Perfect Stealth at Last!

The smallest WiFi hardware keylogger ever, perfectly hidden in a standard USB extension cable plug. Finally, perfect stealth has been achieved!

We are very proud of this new product. The extension cable is absolutely perfect - it does not look overly large or "off". If you have other USB extensions around, you may want to mark them or else you will have a very hard time knowing which is which!

Brand New - Revolutionary Advance in Keylogger Technology

Like our KeyLlama Micro WiFi keylogger. KeyLlama Micro WiFi Cable records everything typed on a USB keyboard and allows you to read the logs from across the room - or around the world! Absolutely no software is required.

  • Perfect Stealth - It looks like a standard USB extension!
  • Multiple modes of WiFi access or use Flash Drive Mode access like our traditional keyloggers
  • Sends E-mail or FTP logs automatically
  • Time and Date Stamping
  • Work great with wired and wireless USB keyboards and work with all versions of Windows and Linux
  • 16MB flash memory stores 8000 pages of text (Several year's typing!)
  • No software or drivers needed
  • National keyboard layout support for all major languages
  • Capable of recording ALL keys

WiFi That Works: WiFi keyloggers have been around for about five years and we've looked closely at all of them. The idea was great, but the technology was just not ready - until now. The KeyLlama Micro WiFi is as easy to use as connecting your phone or computer to any WiFi network.  You can monitor the keyboard use in realtime, download the logs or have them sent automatically via email or FTP.

The KeyLlama Micro WiFi Cable  is an advanced USB hardware keylogger with a 16MB of memory - Four full year's worth of typing!  (And of course, it can be erased over and over).

Wired and Wireless:  Unlike many other keyloggers, these work with both wired and wireless USB keyboards. Most lower cost keyloggers do not work with any wireless keyboards or even most basic wired keyboards. If they don't specifically state it will work with your exact keyboard, it almost certainly won't.

  • WiFi that Works - Easy to setup and use
  • Perfect Stealth - It looks like a standard USB extension!
  • Monitor computer use in realtime, download or automatically receive emails
  • Time and Date Stamping 
  • Huge memory capacity
  • Works with both wired and wireless USB keyboards - Windows or Linux
  • No software or drivers required
  • Quick and easy national keyboard layout support
  • Capable of recording ALL keys
  • Works with all versions of Windows and Linux - Now and in the future
  • Because of the large memory, and flash memory access, it doubles as a password protected, encrypted flash drive. Store your sensitive files with confidence.
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